Bank Hapoalim

Meet the Client: Bank Hapoalim

Our Goal: Expanding the scope of digital activity among the bank’s customers: taking loans, making deposits, transferring funds from person to person and more, utilizing Benefit’s sales representative system.

Our Activities: Benefit representatives have been trained to give over digital knowledge to bank customers. They meet the customers at bank branches and guide them on how to properly and easily use the bank’s app and website. This, to cut wait time at the bank’s physical location and increase remote digital use.

The Benefit sales team additionally helps bank customers use the BIT app to transfer funds from person to person, without having to be a customer of any specific bank.

The Benefit salespeople meet with customers at bank branches. This way, for example, customers waiting in line to make money transfers are pulled from the queue and are given immediate help and tutorial on how to quickly and more efficiently complete the action independently.