Pharmacy Chains

We service the importers and suppliers, the largest clients in the country and in the world. We do this by building signs, advertising and promoting sales for pharmacy chains in various areas within each store:

The Fragrance Department:

The Fragrance department is characterized by particularly aesthetic shelves wafting with perfume, some even made of glass. This area enables high-quality signage, as opposed to on shelves made of other materials. Almost no use of paper products is used on the fragrance shelves. Instead wood, glass, plastic and other hard materials are utilized. The signs meet the standards of the multi-national corporations selling the perfumes and cosmetics.

From a technical standpoint, these are the most delicate installations, requiring great expertise on the part of the installers. This, because the products on display are extremely expensive and expensive. Great competition exists between the fragrances displayed on the shelves. We know how to adapt to the available structure, using relevant materials and employing only those installers skilled in working on pharmacy fragrance shelves.


The pharmacy counter is a unique area in the chain and has no equal in grocery or commercial stores. This is a special spot where intimate contact is made with customers. The customer stands in line and ultimately receives personalized service from the pharmacist. As such, waiting in this area can be time consuming and exposing the customer to advertisements takes place with almost no distraction. This area is also characterized by extremely high regulation. Our products are held to the most stringent regulation conditions that do not adversely affect product presentation and maximize product exposure at this point.